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As a full-service sign company, Sierra Signs offers a wide range of signs enabling us to provide complete sign packages for all interior and exterior sign projects. Our designers utilize your existing logo or help to create one, bringing your ideas to life, whether you are choosing a sign for your company or municipality, or are in charge of a special event.

We are pleased to offer vast resources, decades of experience and unwavering support for all your signage needs. Sierra Signs provides trusted quality, detailed craftsmanship and superior service to underpin our success as one of the nation’s leading sign companies.

Signs can range from small, to projects requiring multiple cranes, for every customer’s needs. As a partner in your sign program, no one will take better care of your brand than Sierra Signs and Service.


The term “ADA Signs” has come into common use in the architectural, construction and signage industries with the advent of the American With Disabilities Act. Unfortunately, it’s a misunderstood term. Most people think it’s synonymous with braille signs. Certainly, signs with raised characters are required by law, but signs can be standard or custom in keeping with ADA Accessibility Guiedlines.

Sign components such as fonts, character height, pictogram placement, substrates, color combinations, braille placement and other components are all regulated under ADA laws. Sierra Signs provides standard and custom designed ADA signs in your company’s custom color and substrate combinations.

Get ADA-Compliant Restroom Signs, Wheelchair, Locker Rooms, Elevators, Hand Washing, Parking, Fire Escapes, Exits, Room Names and Building Navigation Signs for Walls and Doors.

Sierra Signs is where business, large companies, property managers, schools and government agencies come for ADA Compliant Signs.



A-Frame Signs are a free-standing, inexpensive and effective form of advertising. Also known as sandwich signs, these 2-sided, light-weight signs offer customized graphic inserts to boost walk-in traffic. A-frame graphics can be printed in a wide range of colors to match your company logo or in bright colors to get the attention of those passing by your business. The graphics can be directly printed to wood or coroplast and can also be printed on vinyl and laminated then applied directly to the surface. Best of all, freestanding A-Frames have large display areas to ensure that your message will be prominently displayed. Signs are durable and weather-resistant.

Plastic A-Frame • Composite Wood MDO • Metal A-Frames • Erasable Marker Boards • Rolling Quick-Change • Fillable Water/Sand Base • Aluminum Snap Frames



Backlit Halo Signs or also known as, Halo-Illuminated Signs, can be custom fabricated into almost any type of logo or lettering. This type of signage is designed to be viewed with a light source behind it, casting the “Halo” effect, typically lighted with LED’s which are more economical and have a longer life span than traditional Neon. LED letters have a life of over 100,000 hours before needing replacement and are the most energy efficient option for lighted signage creating significant electrical bill savings. LED channel letters are about 80% more efficient than neon-lit channel letters and provide a green and environment friendly sign solution.

Backlit signs stand out from competitive signs night or day and adds depth and dimension to your storefront in unique, vibrant and noticeable ways. With custom backlit letters your business will have no problem reaching new customers in a highly professional way.



Banners communicate brands, business specials, social causes, personal events like birthdays, graduations, sporting events and much more. Custom vinyl banners are durable enough to last over a period of time. Choose fabric or vinyl materials.

Display Banners   •   Static Banner Stands   •   Retractable Banners



Blade and Hanging Signs hang perpendicular to the building, rather than attaching flat against your façade as a great way to stop foot traffic. These signs can be backlit cabinet signs or may be non-illuminated made of custom materials.

Extruded Aluminum Frame   •   Acrylic Push Through Letters   •   Digital Printed Vinyl   •   Wood



Cabinet Signs or Can Signs are the most common type of sign since they are usually less expensive than comparable Channel Letter Signs and can still be an excellent way for a you to have stunning, vibrant signage at an economical price.

Illuminated and Non-Illuminated Cabinet Signs are fabricated in custom shapes using aluminum instead of steel, so they won’t rust. The face of the sign is available in many options including a reverse cut panel backed with acrylic, acrylic push thru letters or even raised aluminum letters depending on City requirements. These signs are designed and manufactured in a variety of different ways to give your business a unique and visually appealing sign. There are several styles and color Sierra Signs can offer for your business or facility.

Face Types:

White Color or Reverse Color Print Acrylic Face   •   Translucent Pressure Sensitive Vinyl Face   •   Pan Formed Face   •   Embossed Face   •   Stencil Cut Face   •   Push Through Acrylic Letters



Channel and Dimensional Sign Letters are extremely versatile, with a variety of options for color, font, and style. Each letter, including logos, is three dimensional and individually constructed with separate illumination.

Today the standard light source is high efficiency energy saving LEDs. There are four main types of illuminated channel letters.

Standard Front Lit – Front lit channel letters and logo signs have been one of the most common types of signage for decades. This sign type emits illumination only from the front (or face) of the letters. A standard channel letter is a 3-dimensional letter that is fabricated from aluminum. A flat sheet of aluminum is typically cut using a computer-controlled router that becomes the back of the channel and is the basis for the letter shape. The sides of the channel letter, called the returns, are formed by bending a strip of aluminum around the aluminum back and can be welded at the seam or flanged and riveted to the back to create a solid can in the shape of the letter. A translucent plastic face usually of 3/16″ thick sheet acrylic or polycarbonate is cut to fit the open face of the letter can. A trim cap border is applied to its edges which gives the letter face a finished appearance and creates a fastening surface to attach it to the letter can. LED’s are inserted into the letters and when illuminated at night, channel letters draw the eye of passers-by.

Reverse Halo Lit – Reverse Halo Illuminated letters are essentially the opposite of Pan Channel Letters. This type of sign emits illumination only from the back of the letters and creates at “Halo” effect on the surface of the building or structure it is mounted on. A reverse pan channel letter is fabricated from aluminum with the face of the letter cut using a computer-controlled router. The edges of the letters and/or logo are wrapped with a strip of aluminum to create the return and the LED’s are inserted on the inside of the letters. Typically, the inside of the letters is painted a reflective white to help increase the amount of light emitted. These letters are installed raised off the building and the light shining through the gap is what creates the halo.

Open Face Lit – These are essentially the same as the standard front lit, except they have clear acrylic faces to give an open appearance. This type of lettering is typically used with Neon for a more retro look.



Our Contractor and Construction Signs have helped a wide variety of contractors obtain custom signs for their job sites. Encompassing all the trades, we custom design, produce and install contractor signs for safety, rules, warnings, directions, procedures and more. ANSI Z535 standards as well as OSHA regulations.

Communicate what’s coming! Keep your job site in the spotlight with your company logo, website, contact information or general branding. We assist developers, contractors, builders and project managers.

You can promote the coming of a new project with heavy duty Aluminum or MDO site signs or create a visual barrier to conceal construction clutter with fence banner graphics. Both types of signage add visual appeal while promoting your business or structure being built. Aluminum and MDO site signs are a traditional way to promote a construction project. These signs can be installed in a variety of ways and are long lasting, which can be helpful on a lengthy project.

Transform an ordinary chain link fence into a work of art with our vibrant, full color fence graphics. It’s a powerful way to promote the project you are developing. Our fence banner material allows 30% wind pass-through to reduce the risk of banners acting like sails, as well as wear and tear commonly seen with standard banner material. Complete with reinforced edges and metal grommets, banners are a great light weight option for onsite advertising.

The Sierra Team can fulfill your print messaging and install almost anywhere across Arizona.



Commercial or Residential Development Signs require a professional attention-getting look and also that clearly communicate a message. Signs can be simple and used on construction sites for job required safety and dust signs or for public notice and zoning signs or to announce a new housing development or commercial project.

We produce all types of standard signs used by small and large residential and commercial real estate offices and firms, and many that are totally customized.

From construction and commercial development signs to mesh fence banners, to v-shaped site signs to monument signs, Sierra Signs will provide what you need for your project Whether you need just one small sign or decal in order to pass your inspection with the city codes department or you need an entire turnkey signage package for your new development.

No project is too large or too small for our staff.




Digital Messaging Boards will add a versatile, dynamic component to your institution, business, or organization. Easily programmed, LED message signs are enhancing the way that companies, private practices, schools, and churches are promoting their services and events. Our high resolution Digital Message Boards offer exceptional picture quality sure to catch the attention of passing traffic. Digital Message Boards are available in a wide variety of options including full color or monochromatic and sizes to fit any need.



Large format Digital Printing has had a huge impact on the sign industry, allowing for highly detailed full color images to be achieved without hours of cutting vinyl and applying to signs. Digital printing is offered for banners, posters, murals, backdrops, interior graphics and much more. Digital printing is available in several sizes, shapes and on various materials with either direct printed UV stable printers and Latex Vinyl Printers depending on the application. Both indoor and outdoor custom printed graphics make a big impact for little cost.  

Large Format Banner Printing for Special Events   •   Large Format Poster Printing and Photo Printing   •   Printing Trade Show and Display Graphics   •   Printing Wayfinding or Environmental Graphics   •   Printing Merchandise Backdrops and POP Displays


Dimensional lettering is a perfect solution to many businesses’ signage needs, because it is available in many different materials and thicknesses and can be used for both interior or exterior. Dimensional Lettering is available in metals, including stainless steel, aluminum and copper, and are typically used for exterior signage because they will hold up well over time. There are also options in plastic including, Acrylic and PVC, or gator foam and high density foam. The materials can be used alone or can be laminated together to create 3-dimensional signs and can be installed directly to the wall or mounted on a variety of substrates to create more depth. 

With our huge selection of options and materials, dimensional lettering allows your business to get a high quality sign package on almost any budget.



Directional Signs guide people to their destination as simply as possible. Directional signs are needed for directing clients to an office in a large business complex, for students at schools and universities, for special events, and many other reasons to get someone from point A to point B. These signs can be permanent or temporary and are available in many types of materials depending on the location and purpose of the sign.

Aluminum – Our aluminum signs are available in multiple thicknesses and are perfect for long lasting indoor and outdoor directional signs. The signs can be digitally printed, or reflective vinyl can be applied to the aluminum for added visibility at night.

Yard Sign – Made from corrugated plastic, our yard signs are affordable, versatile, and easy to place. This type of signage is great for short term use.

Rigid Plastic – Plastic material, such as styrene or PVC that can be hung, mounted, or placed as a display, recommended for indoor use only.

Acrylic – Durable, glass like material offered in various thicknesses. Mounted with beautiful standoffs or with screws.



We create functional and visually stunning Directory Signs from wall-mounted directories to free-standing floor directories, maps and more, providing solutions for getting people where they want to go.

Make a positive first impression on visitors visitors with a directory sign that gives a professional image. Help new visitors navigate the facility and find their destination quickly with an easy-to-read building directory. Our directory signs are can be created in a variety of designs and mounting options, with unlimited colors, and styles and lighting options.

Sierra Signs also offers corridor signs and hallway signs that project from the wall making it easy for visitors to identify what’s ahead. From ceiling flag signs to double-sided hallway signs and more.



Exhibitor Graphics have about three seconds to capture the attention of show attendees and communicate the exhibitor’s key messages

When you want an exhibit design or event displays that generates buzz, entertains or drives new business, our creative team can design just what you want, whether your budget is big or small. We have experience designing for trade shows and events to ensure your attendees are wowed by an authentic brand experience.

Mix and match to create the perfect exhibit display that reflects your brand and lets you stand out from the competition. Our full creative exhibit design capabilities are available to you every step of the way. We help with concepts and designs to give your brand story a solid foundation at your trade show, exhibit or event.



Illuminated Signs allow your business to be easily spotted day or night.

Whether you own a small business or run a large corporation, brand exposure is important. Having the right company signage instantly creates a memorable image that will ultimately draw customers and clients to your business. At Sierra Signs, we take pride in providing clients with effective solutions for lit signs with innovative designs by using the latest technology and best quality of materials.

We design and fabricate indoor and outdoor illuminated signs from simple to sensational.

Whether you’re starting a new company or moving to another facility, business owners need effective signage. Your logo, brand and visual presentation can make a huge difference for your success.

We successfully completed various projects, offering services in different disciplines, working with clients such as: landlords and shopping centers, small businesses, restaurateurs, beauty  salons, service providers, residential communities, hotels and resorts, health care companies, and the list goes on.

Lighted Dimensional Lettering   •   Individual Metal Letters with Backlighting



Interior Signs and displays will transform any area into a stunning space using a variety of applications. Whether for a sports, retail, medical, municipal, reception, office or education facility, we’ve got it covered.

Interior signs can be fabricated from a variety of materials and can be 3-dimensional or flat cut, illuminated or non-illuminated and customized to fit with any décor.



Monument Signs are the focal point for most exterior brand signage and can be an essential part of getting people to your business or housing development. Our Monument Signs are built to order and 100% custom. Sierra Signs is constantly evolving production techniques and materials resulting in endless options in design and fabrication.

Often, these signs contain elements of masonry, steel, aluminum and tile or faux stone. We offers a variety of styles for custom monument signs to maximize visibility of your brand, business or development and incorporate design elements from other exterior structures.

Textural Finishes   •   High Quality Masonry: Stone, Brick, or Stucco   •   Veneer Rock, Brick or Stone to Replicate Masonry   •   Monument Signs with LED message Boards Available



Pedestal Signs are specifically designed as informative and interpretive signs that may be simple product identifications or exhibits offering stories intended to inform or stimulate interest. Pedestal signs can educational, entertaining and interactive. Designed with photos, readable fonts, in various sizes.

Choose wood or metal posts with angled platforms produced in acrylic, laminate, metal, aluminum or or wood veneer, each pedestal is built tough, and to order.



Plaques and Lettering are for both interior and exterior display. We offer cast, etched or engraved bronze and aluminum plaques in a variety sizes or shapes. Plaques convey a sign of permanence and architectural depth.

Cut Metal   •   Cast Metal   •   Etched and Engraved   •   Wooden   •   Stone   •   Plastic Laser Cut Acrylic



Pole Signs offer one of the most effective ways to attract customers who are traveling nearby. They communicate your message loud and clear from above, extended on a pole or poles. When you want permanent, visible and attractive signage for your business, a pole sign may be the perfect solution to take your business to great heights. Pole signs can be illuminated or non-illuminated.



Post and Panel Signs are among the most versatile types of informative and eye-catching signs sure to get attention. When well designed, the post-and-panel sign can create brand exposure, attract new customers, inform, direct, and inspire.

Post-and-panel signs can be crafted from a number of materials in practically any shape, and size. Sierra Signs can create a new sign for your desired purpose or provide sign repair and replacement for existing panels


Pylon Signs can be large or small, visible along a highway, road or entrance to a shopping center or complex. Pylon signs can promote a business or help to locate one. Pylon signs are also known as tenant signs providing multiple spaces to advertise or locate business, medical or shopping facilities within a complex.


Real Estate and Trades Signs are the perfect way to advertise the sale of land, homes, condominiums and business. We will craft the perfect real estate signs to help you attract more buyers and sellers. Trades signs can include post and panel, banners, building wraps and equipment IDs as just a few of the options we offer.

Banners can be used on walls, fences, buildings and on posts for company branding, entrance markings, grand openings, or to inform people and guide them to the correct locations.

MDO Exterior Grade Plywood with a Weather-Resistant Layer   •   Aluminum   •   Composite   •   Coroplast   •   High-Density Urethane (HDU)



We offer premium Sandblasted Signs carved in various material options and are available in almost any size, with no project too big or too small. Signs can be painted and/or stained in a variety of different colors to get the look you want.



We specialize in the creation of custom Specialty Signs that are exclusively you. Regardless of which material you prefer, you have countless design options to choose from for a one-of-a-kind custom sign to promote your business or event.

Today’s demand of specialized design and architecture, requires experienced specialty sign services. Sierra Signs is the answer to any customized signage with no specialty project too unique or intricate.

Specialty and custom signage is genuinely the best way to get something unique for your brand and business. Whether you’re looking for a unique storefront sign that reflects your brand personality or custom yard signs, vinyl graphics, banners, or address signs for homes, businesses, or organizations, Sierra Signs has a custom solution to fit your needs.



Sport Venue Signs range from scoreboards to championship banners, A-frames, floor graphics  and signs, to stadiums, sports venues and events. Your team scores with professional signs of all types. Sierra Signs has created all types of signage for professional sports teams, schools, colleges and universities.

If you already have a design for your project, we will collaborate with architects, environmental graphic designers, and others to help you achieve your goals.

Our stadium and arena signage capabilities include:

• Stadium and sports arena entrance signage
• Street-side marquees and venue monument signs
• Interior and exterior wayfinding signage to improve stadium access
• Stadium scoreboards
• A-Frames
• Vinyl and fabric banners and pennants
• Electronic message centers
• Metal stadium and arena signage for advertising space
• Stadium concession area signage

Sierra Signs also creates signs for outdoor entertainment venues like Golf Courses, Tennis Clubs, Batting Cages and other venues have specific sports related sign needs.



Promote your business or fleet with a full Vehicle Wrap on your car, truck, SUV, van, bus, trailer, stage, or equipment that is completely customizable with a vinyl wrap or window film. Vehicle graphics can range from a simple logo on the side of a vehicle to partial and full wraps. Custom-designed or using corporate logos, you can see the completed project before it is done with our vehicle layouts. Wraps can be easily removed or change the wrap with your next campaign. We use only 3M vinyl material and are recognized as a Certified Graphic Installation Company BY UASG.

Cut Out Shape   •   Full Vehicle Wrap   •   Door Wrap   •   Tailgate Wrap   •   Trailer Wrap   •   Semi-Truck Trailer Wrap

Glossy   •   Satin   •   Matte   •   Brushed   •   Carbon   •   Custom Print



We craft custom vinyl Wall and Door Graphics that can turn any space into an attention-grabbing moment. Transform a long hallway into a visual timeline of the story of your business or create a display of your brand in your business lobby or create an emotion as a mural. Wall graphics are not limited to interior walls, they can also be installed on airport hangers, sides of buildings or restroom doors, to add color and excitement to boring, blank spaces. No matter what your specific size, purpose, or placement, our experts conceptualize, produce, and professionally install the perfect signage elements for your company

Depending on the surface and the environment, vinyl wall coverings or adhesive vinyl can be used. We have products that are appropriate for either long or short term use. Wall murals can be relatively small, or large enough to wrap an entire building, so your creativity and budget are the only limitations.

Our custom wall murals are great for commercial use. With our state-of-the-art print quality and large selection of wall covering materials, we’re the best place for custom wall murals and photo mural printing. All of our wall mural materials are designed to produce excellent results, so choosing one is matter of selecting the qualities and installation method you prefer.



Window Graphics and Door Graphics will transform the glass façade of your storefront, sales center or office building into an eye-catching advertisement or statement. Window graphics are the quickest and most affordable way to change the character of your commercial space.

Sierra Signs can turn your windows into a billboard with edge-to-edge displays that will wow and inform those passing by. We use only the highest quality inks for window graphic films

• Opaque Static Cling with Bright Gloss Finish

• Crystal and Dusted Vinyls

• Window Cling

• Window Stickers / Decals

Vinyl Lettering:

If you need to display hours of operation or other pertinent business information in a simple but elegant design, it’s no problem for us. We can provide vinyl letter decals in any color or font to fill out your window display.